5 Goals I Want To Achieve By The End Of The Year

goals i want to achieve by 2019 graphic

Welcome to Blogtober day 7. Today I’m going to be talking about the goals I want to achieve by the end of the year. A couple of these are big ones, whilst some are relativity small. I only started setting goals a couple of months ago so I’m still getting into the swing of it. Here they are..

1. Make a good start of my first draft.

I actually started writing my first draft last week. By the end of the year I want to be deep into the writing process and get as many scenes done as I can. I’m excited – this is a book I’ve been working on for so many years and one I’m putting my heart, soul and passion into.

2. Reach 400 followers on WordPress.

After blogging on and off for many years I’ve finally found my groove. One of the mistakes I’ve always made is confining myself to one niche. Mainly because everyone says you need a niche to be successful, but has never sat well with me. I have experiences and passion in more than one topic and confining myself to one only made me give up. I want my blog to reflect my life and everything that comes with it. If that means I’m not as successful as I would be with a niche, then so be it. I have to go with my heart.

3. Decorate my living room.


In April of this year me and my best friend moved into an accessible bungalow. After living in unsuitable housing for years it felt like a dream come true to be offered somewhere as spacious and adapted as this property is. The living room is huge and it’s going to be a big project, but we really hope to have it done by Christmas!

4. Complete my Goodreads challenge.

I am ridiculously behind on my goal – this year I want to read 60 books. It all started off so well – and then as I do every year, I fell into the dreaded reading slump. This literally happens to me every single year and it’s so annoying. As it stands I am 11 books behind schedule (ah!). I have never failed a challenge yet and for some weird reason this goal is really important to me.

You can add me on Goodreads here.

5. Set up my 2019 bullet journal.

Next year I want a bullet journal dedicated to 2019. I always dip into planning half way through the year but I want to change that. It’s also especially important because I’ve now started writing my book and I’m back blogging – so I need to be organised.

What do you want to achieve by the end of year?

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