21 Easy Self Care Ideas Using The Five Senses

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Hi guys and welcome to Blogtober day 23 and today I’m here with some self care ideas. I see these posts around a lot but I wanted to try and do something different. So, I’ve come with some ideas using all the 5 senses. Once again I thank my beautiful best friend Sarah for helping me come up with these…


1. Get out into nature and take some photos.

2. Look at old photos with a positive memory attached. Think about the memory, close your eyes and take yourself back to the day the photo was taken.

3. Pick something to draw, focus your time on what it looks like, every detail. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out like you expected – you’re not drawing a masterpiece.

4. Colour in a colouring book or print some sheets off the internet, and take note of the colours you’re using.


5. Light some scented candles or melt some wax melts and let the scent surround you.

6. Buy yourself some lovely smelling flowers and display them in a vase.

7. Spritz yourself with your favourite perfume.

8. Bake a cake and let the warm smell fill the kitchen.

9. Use a shower or bath bomb and take note of the different kinds of smells.


10. Get yourself a manicure or pedicure, or treat yourself to having your hair done.

11. Cuddle a fluffy cat or dog.

12. Pour some bubbles into your bath and let the warm water relax you.

13. Create a sensory book using a scrapbook and items you like the feel of. You could also incorporate other senses into this (would anyone like a post on how I make mine?). If you already have one go through it, taking your time to focus on each item.

14. Have a mini spa – face masks, foot bath/lotion, body lotion. Whatever helps relax you.


15. Create a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to it on repeat.

16. Download a meditation or relaxation app, put your headphones on and relax. (I use Relax and Sleep)

17. Have a conversation with someone you’re close to about something your enjoy. Listen to every word and take note of how it makes you feel.


18. Eat your favourite flavour ice cream/chocolate/fruit etc.

19. Mindfully eat something sweet, sour, savoury, and new, and take note of the different feelings and textures you experience for each one.

20. Try to eat when your body is telling you it needs to.

21. Drink enough water to hydrate. If you don’t like water (like me) you could try adding a drop of different flavour juices or use flavoured water. Focus on the differences in the tastes throughout the day.

What kinds of things do you do to practice self care?

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