20 Winter Creative Writing Prompts For an Inspiring December

30 Fantasy Writing Prompts for a Creative November

Welcome to blogmas day .. Today I’m here with yet again more writing prompts. Later in the month I’m also going to post some 3 word Christmas prompts so be sure to check those out too. I hope these help you be creative and as always have fun!

1. You get snowed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

2. It’s Christmas Eve and someone you’ve not seen in forever turns up at your door.

3. New Years Eve was supposed to be fun – instead you ended up in a prison cell.

4. After returning home from an once in a lifetime holiday, instead of your home you find a post apocalyptic wasteland.

5. You’re finding it impossible to get a flight home, why?

6. Everyone’s looking forward to Christmas but you’ve seen the future – Christmas is going to be a lot different this year.

7. You break your leg – the night before the biggest test of your life.

8. Santa forgot to visit your house this Christmas.

9. The abominable snowman is real and you’re travelling halfway around the world to slay it.

10. You meet your father for the very first time on Christmas Eve.

11. You get trapped inside your school during a snow storm.

12. You awake to find your town and everyone in it has frozen solid.

13. 25 years after the snow froze you…

14. Your leaving your home to search for Santa’s grotto.

15. Santa’s elves are running behind this year and you’ve been drafted in to help them.

16. You’ve never told anyone why you hate Christmas so much.

17. The Christmas you turned into an animal.

18. The snow was out of control.

19. The year when winter never happened.

20. On Christmas Eve you find a tiny, freezing kitten.

Let me know if you use any of these – I’d love to see what you come up with!

5 thoughts on “20 Winter Creative Writing Prompts For an Inspiring December

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