Why Writing Fanfiction Has Made Me a Better Writer

I used to feel embarrassed to tell anyone I write fan-fiction. For some reason there’s this stigma around it that made me feel like I wasn’t a ‘proper writer’. This isn’t the case, a writer is a writer no matter what they write. Writing fan fiction is something I enjoy doing and it‘s helped me grow my confidence in my writing ability. My most popular story has gained 31K reads and I’m proud of that. Today I want to share the reasons on why writing fan-fiction has made me a better writer..

It’s allowed me to work on aspects I struggle with.

One of the major aspects I struggle with is show and tell. I have an annoying, bad habit of always writing what the character is feeling instead of painting a picture that the reader can imagine in their mind.

Pacing is another thing I struggle with – it’s just something I’m still trying to get my head around and the only thing that can help is to practice, practice, practice. Writing fan-fiction has given me the space to creativity practice and improve on these aspects.

There’s already an established world and characters.

Although I like to create my own protagonist, for the rest of the story the characters and world are already established, complete with all their little personality quirks and motivations ready for you to just add a plot to. This is a great thing because it’s so easy to get so lost in developing the characters and world building that sometimes the plot takes a back seat.

Sharing my writing on the internet allowed me to receive feedback.

I’m not going to lie – I’m terrified of criticism. It’s so easy to take it in a negative way when really it should be used in a constructive way to grow as a writer. I’ve found sharing my work on sites like Wattpad and Fanfiction has allowed me to receive feedback and got me used to sharing without the worry of having to share my real life details. Sometimes I feel like my writing isn’t good enough but if I want to publish my books I need to learn to become confident in my writing abilities.

It’s allowed me to practice my editing skills.

I love editing! It’s hard work, time consuming and at times stressful but I love making all the little changes that make your book the best it can be. I know that editing a full length novel is going to difficult but editing my fan fiction work is giving me the skills to take on bigger projects.

It’s allowed me to work on my grammar.

I’ve never been good at grammar. I put commas in the wrong places, get mixed up with being and been and use the exclamation point way too often! Writing fan fiction is helping me slowly but surely learn basic as well as more complex rules of grammar.

It’s allowed me to be creative without the need for long, complex plans.

I can’t sit down to write anything without some sort of plan or my brain just freezes. When it comes to writing novels and short stories I need a more complicated plan or I’ll just end up with a spaghetti mess on paper. I go into writing a fanfiction story with only a basic outline, thus eliminating the time it would normally take me, allowing me to get down to writing straight away.

Do you write fan-fiction? How has it helped you become a better writer?

20 thoughts on “Why Writing Fanfiction Has Made Me a Better Writer

  1. notesatdusk

    Love this blog post! Writing fan-fiction also made me a better writer. I miss it, because I used to read and write all the time and just be completely immersed in a world of fantasy. Never stop writing 🙂

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  2. aewoldt

    Honestly, I think I learned more about the writing craft by writing fanfiction than I ever did in a formal classroom! (And it’s more fun, sometimes, ha) Thank you for writing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. antoniazen

    As someone who has just launched myself into fanfiction, I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks, it gave me some confidence. No idea how to get it out there yet. (I’m juggling different blogs for different aspects of my writing) Mine’s also Harry Potter fanfiction, based in 1919 and set across Europe, so quite a lot of research went into it. My characters are different but I found it both a comfort and a discipline to walk into the world someone else has created. Many think it is an easy option but in some ways, it is more of a challenge; you have to know the details of everything! All the best with your writing.

    Liked by 1 person


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