How To Help Someone Who’s Lonely This Christmas


So many people look forward to Christmas as it’s a time to be with family and enjoy each others company. However, some people have no-one, they spend their Christmas Day alone because they have no other option. It could be anyone, even you, your neighbour or a friend.

When I think about how it used to be for me, it makes me sad that there are people out there right now who will be spending Christmas alone. I am so lucky that I’m not in that situation anymore, I have a wonderful best friend and I now get so excited when it’s the festive period.

Below are some small often simple ways you have help lonely people this Christmas. If you long to help and make someone smile, I hope you find this post helpful..

Donate Christmas dinners to older/lonely isolated people.

Check in with people (friends, family, neighbours)

Don’t forget if you have friends or neighbours that you know will be spending Christmas alone, don’t forget about them. Give them a text, a call or even pop around if you can. Some might not divulge that their spending Christmas alone, they’ll only say if they are asked. It’s so simple to send a text or a call.

Video call family if you live long distance.

If you live far away from family members or friends and you’re not going to be around them for Christmas, video call them to wish them a Happy Christmas, send pictures or videos of kids opening their presents. You could even send them a few throughout the day, showing them your day so they feel a part of it too.

Send Christmas cards.

Many people don’t tend to send cards anymore, now that we have so much technology. However, getting a card through the post is a lovely way to let someone know you’re thinking of them this Christmas. I know it means the world to me whenever I get something special through the letterbox.

Volunteer at a care home or soup kitchen.

Elderly man's hands resting on a walking stick

If you have the time, you could think about volunteering in a care home, assisted living, soup kitchens etc. You could sit with the eldery and chat to them, some don’t have any visitors or family visit them on Christmas day, so yours might be the only friendly face they see. The homeless who visit soup kitchens for their dinner might be feeling lonely and lost, and your kindness could go a long way to help someone out.

I hope this post has been helpful to give you some ideas on how to help someone whose lonely this Christmas. 

Do you try to help people out at Christmas? Do you have any other ideas?

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1 thought on “How To Help Someone Who’s Lonely This Christmas

  1. simplywendi

    Great post Charleigh……..I am currently working on a post about loneliness around the holidays as there are so many hurting people who would greatly appreciate some attention. May today bring you smiles. 🙂



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