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Harry Potter Christmas Tag!

Hi guys, and welcome to my first ever book tag! With Christmas, Harry Potter and books being my favourite things I had to merge them together to create this book tag. It was super fun to create and I hope you find it as fun to do..


  • Please link me back so I can read your answers.
  • You can’t choose a Harry Potter book for any of your answers.
  • Tag however many people you wish.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

It’s your first Christmas at Hogwarts. What’s one book you’ve asked for this year?

Does an entire list count?! One of those books I asked for is In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken. I read the Darkest Minds about a year ago and absolutely loved it. I have the second one but I haven’t read it yet, so I’m so excited to see how it ends.


You spot Hagrid hauling the Christmas tree through the grounds. What is the longest (or heaviest!) book you own?

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen & Owen King. I love Stephen King’s books so when I saw he’d written a book with his son I was excited to read it. I haven’t yet read it because long books scare me, but I’m excited as it sounds amazing.


It’s time for the famous Great Hall feast. What’s one book you can’t read without snacks?

Any book! There’s nothing I love more than eating a good packet of crisps whilst I read. I just have to be careful to not get food smudges on the pages.

Well done, you’ve brewed your first Polyjuice potion. What’s one book you’d change the cover of?

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas. It’s not a completely awful cover, I just wish it matched the rest of the series.


You receive a brand new Firebolt for Christmas. What’s one book you read super quickly?

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. I loved this book. It was one of those books I wasn’t sure what I’d think, but I couldn’t stop reading and finished it in record time.


You join Harry for his first proper Christmas. What’s one book you’d love to receive this year?

Any book! I’m honestly not all that fussy when it comes to books. Give me a Young Adult or Fantasy book and I’m happy.

You get hit by one of Fred and George’s flying snowballs. What’s a book you wanted to throw across the room?

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I loved the first one and then it just went downhill from there. I hated the ending of this book and probably did launch it at the wall.


You’ve just visted Hogsmeade for the first time. What’s one popular book you haven’t read yet?

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I’m currently making my way through the Throne of Glass series and loving it, and ACOTAR is next up on my list!


Congraulations, you’ve been invited to the Yule Ball. What book about Christmas do you love?

What Light by Jay Asher! I got this book from Net Galley in 2016 because I wanted to read more Christmassy books. It’s a beautiful coming of age story and it definitely put me in the Christmas mood.

Books Jay Asher

You find Ron’s deluminator. What’s one book that’s helped you through some dark times?

This is difficult because I can’t choose Harry Potter. However, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman has also helped me through some dark times.


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Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0!

Blogtober graphics with leaf and black cat

Welcome to Blogtober day 8. Today I’m going to be doing this awesome tag that Paige @ Bookish Paige tagged me in. You should go and check out her blog, it’s awesome and she’s so lovely 🙂 Without further rambling here are my answers!

Answer all prompts.
Answer honestly.
Tag 1-13 people.
Link back to this post.
Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)
Have fun!

Witch – a magical character or book.

There is only one book I can mention for this and that’s Harry Potter. For me – there is no other book that can contend with the magical story and characters in this series.

Werewolf – the perfect book to read at night.

If you haven’t read Caraval (what are you waiting for?!) the game takes place at night. That reason alone makes this the perfect book for this one.

My review is here if you’re interested!

Frankenstein – a book that really shocked you.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman shocked me. Not in the sense that there were plot twists – but because of the content of the book. This book is set in a dystopian future where parents with a child between age 13 and 18 have the right to sign an order to have their child ‘unwound’. This is where they are taken to camps to have their body parts harvested for later use. I’m not a mom yet – but I could never imagine signing over my child’s life. Urgh.

The Devil – a Dark, evil character.

Lord Voldemort – A.K.A most terrifying villain ever.

Grim reaper – a character that never should have died.

Fred Weasley. Every. Single. Time.

Zombie – a book that made you hungry for more.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. Luckily I read the first book in this series whilst 3 of the books were released, so I got to binge read those. However, it has left me hungry for more and the massive gaps between books makes me feel I’m going to be old and grey by the time this series is finished.

Gargoyle – a character you’d protect at all costs.

Dobby from Harry Potter. Even though he didn’t exactly go about it in a good way at first – all Dobby ever wanted to do was protect Harry. He just got his freedom – loving life – and then boom, he was gone. My heart breaks every time I think about it and I would protect him with my life.

Vampire – a book that sucked the life out of you.

Anything by John Green. I’ve tried to read so many of his books but they just aren’t for me. They’re not bad books – in fact many people love them – but it was exhausting for me to read every sentence and I just had to stop.

Ghost – a book that still haunts you.

My Real Name is Hanna by Tara Lynn Masih. I read this book not long ago (review here if you’re interested) and it was such a beautiful coming of age story whilst surviving world war 2.

Skeleton – a character you’d have a bone to pick with.

Nathan from the Half Bad trilogy. He was so mean to Gabriel and I spent so much of this series furious with the way he treated him.

My review is here if you’d like to read it!

Demon – a book that really scared you.

Asylum trilogy by Amy Cross. This book series seriously freaked the living daylights out of me. It also has a fantastic plot line!

Mummy – a book you’d preserve throughout time.

Now I was going to say Harry Potter again. However, because I’ve already mentioned that a lot I’m going to say We Are Okay by Nina LaCour.

Review here.

Creepy doll – a cover too scary to look at.

I haven’t actually read this book yet – but I came across The House of Dead Maids by Claire B. Dunkle a few months ago and it’s legit probably the creepiest cover I’ve ever seen.

The monster mash – it’s fun to be with friends at Halloween. Tag your friends.

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Torturous This or That Tag

I was tagged by Luana @ Book Storm Girl and Iris @ Hoard of Books to do the Torturous This or That Tag!

Let the torture begin..

series or standalone
This a tough one (great start Charleigh, great start). Obviously it’ll depend on whether I’m into a book or not. But if I could only pick one for the rest of my life I have to go with my heart and say series. This is because when I love a book, I just can’t get enough of the world and characters and I never, ever want the story to end. With a stand-alone I never feel like I get enough. I think this is worth slogging through a bad series to get to the good ones.

Magic earned. I love magic born too but I feel like with magic earned the character has to work harder to prove themselves and get ready for the fight.

My total guilty pleasure is enemies-to-lovers. I feel like both of these are overdone but I find friends-to-lovers boring and annoying. Mainly because I love friendships that stay friendships and don’t delve into the complicated world of relationships.

Urgh I love both of these! I love a good bit of emotional ruin because it makes me feel absorbed in the story. However hilarious banter really lets me get obsessed with the characters. I think I’ll go with hilarious banter because crying always gives me a headache haha!

I hate hate hate both of these tropes. Love triangles absolutely do my head in, every single damn time! And insta love is so unrealistic and not how it works in the real world. I think I’ll have to go with insta love purely because love triangles cause me excessive rage and I’m more likely to launch my book across the room (sorry books!).

One of the things I super hate about some fantasy novels are names I cannot pronounce so I think I’ll have to go with names starting with the same letter. Although I think I’d get confused trying to separate the names, at least I don’t have to go through the book talking gibberish.

I feel like dead parents are used way too much, especially when the plot is based around them. So I’ll have to go with mean parents purely because I think it makes for more interesting conflict.

I hate a character who doesn’t shut up about how plain they are because it’s annoying and whiny, so I choose supermodel looks.

Faces on covers can work but not always. However typography on covers are always pretty amazing, so I choose typography.

I love both of these! I think it adds interest and realism to the story – like no one is purely good or purely bad in real life. I choose villain turning a little good.

Ahhh this is freaking mean! But I have to go with love interest dies purely because I don’t know what I would do without my best friend.

This is a tricky one! I think I’ll go with awesome writing with a dull plot. If the characters are great and the writing is awesome then I think I could still love the book, whereas if the writing was super bad I don’t think I could read ever again.

Urgh!! Now I was going to say heartbreaking ending. However I’ve rethought about it and I’m going to say cliffhanger ending. Mainly because although I might have to wait an entire year for the next book, at least I won’t have to go through torturous heartbreak (plus a cliffhanger isn’t a concrete heartbreak so there’s that).

Why??!! This question is atrocious. I hate both of these with a deep, fiery passion. But if I have to choose I guess I’ll go with dog-earing the pages because at least it keeps the outside of the book nice and intact. (P.s – this does not give anyone permission to BEND MY PAGES!)

I love the bad boy trope I have to admit. I hate the perfect golden boy trope so this is an easy one. However I will say that bad boys that are bad boys FOR NO REASON are just as annoying, a bad boy with a tragic past and tragic life are the best.

That’s it for the torturous this or that tag. To be honest it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined. Except some questions ripped my heart and soul (like the dog eared pages or breaking the spine for example!).

Bibi @ Bibi’s Book Blog.

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