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20 Dystopian Writing Prompts To Inspire Your Next Novel

A writer can never have too much inspiration. The next instalment in my writing prompt series is Dystopian. If you’d like to check out my other posts in this series, I’ll leave the links below;

20 Winter Writing Prompts For An Inspiring December

30 Fantasy Writing Prompts for a Creative November

3 Word Creative Writing Prompts (For The Horror Writer In You)

Keep writing and stay inspired!

1. A plague hits your walled-in town, but instead of people dying, they just disappear into a poof of smoke.

2. All men are gone from the world, how do women conceive in this new world?

3. Don’t go outside after dark or you won’t even be around to regret it.

4. A siren sounds off every evening and every morning, why?

5. The government is stealing babies and you were one of them 14 years ago.

6. Everyone has to enlist in the army when they turn 16. This year it’s time for you to begin your training.

7. A meteor strike 100 years ago sent the remaining humans underground. Today is the day you emerge..

8. A deadly cat and mouse game takes place in a walled off city.

9. After a nuclear bomb destroyed the world, a new society was created where teens have developed strange powers.

10. Parents have the choice to kill you or send you to be imprisoned. Your parents chose to hide you underground..

11. The government is killing people to save money on the healthcare service.

12. Every human is born with a certain animal tattooed on their skin, why?

13. When they reach the age of 10, every child is sent to the lab to be tested on. When they emerge 6 years later they are not the same as they once were..

14. The world freezes over and humans disappear into bunkers. Write what happens when they emerge.

15. Every child must learn about how their community was formed – except everything that is taught is lies.

16. A competition is held every 5 years to weed out the weak. This year – the rules have changed and the participants are now teenagers.

17. You discover your entire life has been a lie..

18. Global warming destroyed the world as we know it, what is it like 200 years later..

19. The government drove everyone mad and many people died. What community was born after the fallout?

20. An underground community has strict rules. What happens if you break those rules?

Let me know if you use any of these, I’d love to read what you create 🙂

How To Avoid Stigmatising Mental Health In Your Novel

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. In today’s post I’m going to be talking about how to avoid stigmatising mental health in your novel. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma attached to mental illness (and in my opinion made worse by social media) and people seem to be determined to see mental illness in a certain way. Every single person suffering from an illness is completely different, and everyone’s experiences are individual. The portrayal of mental illnesses in popular fiction (books, TV, film etc), if done incorrectly, can make the stigma worse and is damaging to those of us who suffer. Below, I’m going to share some tips to help you portray mental illness in the best way you can..

Although not everyone will feel comfortable sharing their experiences, as long as you are respectful and remain non judgemental some sufferers will be perfectly happy to give you some insight. Talking to actual sufferers of mental illness can be enlightening and give you valuable first hand accounts on what it’s like to live with a condition. This information can enable you to to craft a realistic portrayal of a character suffering from a mental illness.

Side note – remember never use information that enables anyone to be identified. Remove all identifying features, change their histories and/or life experiences so your character is a new person. Lots of writers use bits and pieces from all different kinds of people to create characters, because basing a character too similar to someone in real life can open you up to problems.

Use proper, respected sites to gather your information about the mental illness you are including in your novel. Remember that there are many different symptoms related to mental illnesses and you don’t always have to just use the typical, well known ones in your novel.

Some greats sites include Mind | Childline | Rethink | Beat.

Don’t scrimp on research, and make it a priority to check and double check before the final manuscript is released. Also, take your time when you are developing characters to make sure that every aspect is weaved into the story. Make sure you have accounted for things like possible causes, a detailed history and how it affects their everyday life.

It can be easy to observe mental illness in films/books/tv shows and automatically assume the portrayal is correct or that’s the only way someone with a mental illness presents. Sadly, many fictional portrayals (especially films) can be highly stigmatised and often show sufferers to be dangerous. Also, don’t use information from tabloid newspapers. These articles can be harmful for stigma and often contain incorrect information.

This irritates me because recovery is not something that happens overnight and it’s unlikely to happen without treatment of some sort. These things take time and hard work. Acting like miraculous recovery is the norm may make people believe that that’s how it happens in real life, or that all you have to do is think positive and boom, you’re cured.

Have you written a fiction book including mental illness? Do you have any tips for writers on this topic?

What’s In My Writer Toolkit? (And Tips On Creating Your Own!)

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. In today’s post I’m going to be sharing what’s in my writer toolkit and how you can go about making your own. There are many definitions as to what a writer toolkit is but to me it’s anything I need nearby or anything I find helpful when I’m writing. I keep the majority of my items in the above Harry Potter bag one of my close friends got me for Christmas (you can check out her blog here!) Without further ado, here is my writer toolkit..

Novel bible.

This is probably the most important item in my toolkit. If you don’t know what a novel bible is it’s basically a collection of all aspects of your novel – character information, locations, scenes, research etc. It’s so when you’re writing you have all the information at hand. Although there are computer programs that are great for this, I find there’s nothing like good old pen and paper. It also saves having 10 tabs open and getting easily distracted from writing. At the moment I’m currently in the process of trying different things to discover which works best for me as a writer, but for now I am just using an A4 notebook.

Bullet journal.

At the present time I just have one bullet journal for all of my needs – including my personal planning as well as my writing life. I’m in the process of deciding on whether or not I want a separate one just for writing, but for now my one bullet journal always needs to be nearby so I know where I’m up to and what I need to do next.

If you’d like to see inside of my bullet journal you can see my 2019 Bullet Journal post here. 

Scene cards.

It took me a long time to discover the advantages of using index cards for my scenes, but it’s honestly the best way I’ve found to organise my outline. In my toolkit I keep my current novel’s scene cards as well as some spare ones in case I need to add anything in as I go.

Emotion thesaurus.

I’ve had my eye on this book for a while after seeing it recommended in a YouTube video. I struggle a lot with ‘show don’t tell’ especially when it comes to emotions. This book is helping me so much with finding different ways of describing emotions whilst also improving my writing. This should be a staple in all writer’s toolkits!

The Witch’s Journal and The Green Witch.

I am fascinated by anything to do with Witchcraft and the Pagan religion so it’s only natural it creeps into my novels. I was pleased to receive these books for Christmas from my best friend, and I put them straight into my toolkit. They are an amazing reference for writing my current and future novels.

1000 Words To Expand Your Vocabulary.

This was another book I received for Christmas from Channie! As a writer I am fascinated by words and this is a great book for learning new words!

iPad keyboard.

Lastly, I have my iPad keyboard. It’s nothing fancy, just a bog standard Bluetooth keyboard. I do the majority of my writing on my iPad because I find writing on a computer hurts my eyes and because it’s heavy I can’t use it for long periods of time. However, there’s nothing like typing on a keyboard so this was an essential purchase for me.

  • What are some essentials you can’t write without? Maybe it’s things you absolutely must have before you can even start writing. Notebooks, laptop/tablet, pens, novel bibles, scene cards are some ideas.
  • Are there any reference books that you find useful when your writing, or that relate to your current work in progress? For example – my witch’s journal. However, this could also mean dictionaries or thesaurus, or vocabulary books.
  • Are there any books on the craft of writing you like to dip in and out of while writing?
  • Do you like to keep a planner for your writing? Somewhere you write down your goals, deadlines, ideas? Whether that’s a bullet journal, Filofax, page a day diary etc.
  • Anything you use/get inspiration from – favourite books, pictures, music, quotes.

Do you have a writer toolkit? If so, what’s in yours?

20 Winter Creative Writing Prompts For an Inspiring December

30 Fantasy Writing Prompts for a Creative November

Welcome to blogmas day .. Today I’m here with yet again more writing prompts. Later in the month I’m also going to post some 3 word Christmas prompts so be sure to check those out too. I hope these help you be creative and as always have fun!

1. You get snowed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

2. It’s Christmas Eve and someone you’ve not seen in forever turns up at your door.

3. New Years Eve was supposed to be fun – instead you ended up in a prison cell.

4. After returning home from an once in a lifetime holiday, instead of your home you find a post apocalyptic wasteland.

5. You’re finding it impossible to get a flight home, why?

6. Everyone’s looking forward to Christmas but you’ve seen the future – Christmas is going to be a lot different this year.

7. You break your leg – the night before the biggest test of your life.

8. Santa forgot to visit your house this Christmas.

9. The abominable snowman is real and you’re travelling halfway around the world to slay it.

10. You meet your father for the very first time on Christmas Eve.

11. You get trapped inside your school during a snow storm.

12. You awake to find your town and everyone in it has frozen solid.

13. 25 years after the snow froze you…

14. Your leaving your home to search for Santa’s grotto.

15. Santa’s elves are running behind this year and you’ve been drafted in to help them.

16. You’ve never told anyone why you hate Christmas so much.

17. The Christmas you turned into an animal.

18. The snow was out of control.

19. The year when winter never happened.

20. On Christmas Eve you find a tiny, freezing kitten.

Let me know if you use any of these – I’d love to see what you come up with!

30 Fantasy Writing Prompts for a Creative November

So after so many people enjoyed my writing prompt posts I did in Blogtober (3 Word Writing Prompts & 20 Writing Prompts to Inspire You This Halloween) I’ve decided to start a series of writing prompts right here on my blog. So to kick it off I’m here today with 30 fantasy writing prompts for November.

1. You discover you have the power of telekinesis, do you cause havoc or do you try to do good?

2. Your entire village is wiped out by the plague, what do you do next?

3. You find out your biological mother is an evil witch and now she wants you back.

4. After stepping in a puddle you find yourself in a whole new world.

5. Your twin sibling dies and you suddenly appear in an abandoned village on the day of the funeral.

6. The royal family are having a party and you haven’t been invited. However, you’re going whether they like it or not.

7. You discover a young girl is being kept underneath your home.

8. The group of elves living in the woods outside your home decide to wage war on humans.

9. You go off on a journey to prove the existence of a legendary monster.

10. A young boy walks out of a known cursed lake – and nobody knows who he is or why he is here.

11. A dragon kidnaps your little brother and you volunteer to go and rescue him.

12. You belong to a small fairy community and you have been asked to sabotage the human’s crops.

13. After the death of your grandmother you decide to hike into the mountains and find the cave she told you about on her deathbed.

14. After a thief makes off with the Baron’s most prized possession, you are sent to get it back.

15. The royal family that rule your kingdom aren’t very nice people and you join a rebel organization trying to take them down.

16. A magical circus appears in your town.

17. You were born an elf but you’ve heard there’s a controversial wizard who can turn you into a human.

18. As the child of the most famous wizard in the kingdom – it’s up to you to stop his dangerous experiments.

19. There’s a castle that sits up on the tallest hill – except you just watched it disappear before your eyes.

20. You have the ability to paint with your eyes – what current masterpiece are you working on?

21. You begin trekking up a mountain when you come face to face with a creature only believed to have existed in fiction.

22. You attend a magic show where the magician recognises your tattoo. He arranges to meet you after the show.

23. As the daughter of the village alchemist, it’s your job to gather the ingredients your mother needs. However, one day when you go foraging you find the forest burnt to the ground.

24. Once a pirate, always a pirate.

25. You’ve always wanted to be a mermaid – that was until you met one.

26. I kept telling them I wasn’t crazy and that fairies are real.

27. After your twin brother dies a part of your soul snaps off. The only way to get it back is to travel to the underworld and steal it.

28. You make voodoo dolls for a living and then sell them to the bad guys.

29. A train with blacked out windows rattles through your village every Saturday. It has never stopped – until today.

30. You discover a treasure map and decide to go on an adventure.

As always, let me know if you use any. I’d love to see what you come up with 🙂

3 Word Creative Writing Prompts (For The Horror Writer In You)

Blogtober graphics with leaf and black cat

Hey guys and welcome to Blogtober day 20. Today I’m going to be sharing some more writing prompts. My favourite kind of prompts are the 3 word prompts – I love them because they are vague and you can interpret them however you want.

The prompts I’ve come up with have a place, a person and some kind of event. I hope you enjoy them and they help you with you creativity..

~ Asylum, student, nightmare

~ graveyard, nurse, new year

~ theme park, writer, apocalypse

~ mansion, witch, bonfire night

~ bedroom, banker, tsunami

~ village, teenager, Halloween

~ school, zombie, sports day

~ zoo, psychiatrist, tornado

~ amusements, paramedic, storm

~ canal, vampire, accident

~ Nightclub, child, missing persons

~ Beach, dog walker, explosion

~ cave, climbers, trapped

~ kitchen, devil, world domination

~ concert, bodyguard, kidnap

~ nunnery, artist, bloodbath

~ forest, gang, monster hunting

~ bathroom, child, thunder

~ cellar, family, hurricane

~ prison, guard, riot

~ mountains, werewolf, murder

~ plane, zombies, illness

~ castle, hospital patient, haunting

~ hospital, servant, snow storm

Did you find any of these useful? What’s your favourite kind of writing prompt?

My Experience Of Writing A Novel (So Far!)

Blogtober graphics with leaf and black cat

Hey guys and welcome to day 16 of Blogtober. Today I’m going to be writing about my experience of writing a book. One of the things I want to do on this blog is share my passion of writing, and take anyone who wants to join me on this journey. There are many blogs in the writing niche – just like with the beauty, lifestyle and travel niches. I firmly believe everyone experiences life in a different way, so anything anyone has to say matters and will be different in some way.

The book I am working on at the moment is my very first full length novel. It’s a Young Adult Fantasy novel set in a Kingdom at war with a powerful witch. It’s so hard not to talk about it – but I’m so wary of putting too much about it on the internet, because you hear horror stories about people stealing other writers work.

Let’s get on with it shall we! Here are my experiences about how I’ve found writing a book so far ..

I’m not the type of writer that can go in to a story without a plan. I need some kind of idea on where the story is going to go. When I first started planning this book, I had this elaborate to do list of all the thing I was going to plan before I started writing. Only halfway through this ginormous list, I was like ‘I’m done, I’m so bored and I’m losing the will to live.’ I got to the point where I wanted to start writing,

Honestly, I think it’s working out better that way. Most of the major plot holes have been fixed but I still have a lot of flexibility to allow my creativity and characters to go off in whatever direction they want to.

For this book in particular, the characters didn’t just pop up fully formed like some have in the past. Snippets here and there of their lives and personalities crept out bit by bit and I really had to dig to discover more about them.

Originally my main character was called Feather and she stayed my protagonist until halfway through the outlining process. Then all of a sudden I decided to scrap her – and she was completely gone from the entire story. I wasn’t connecting with her the way I had with the other characters and I feel that’s super important for the story.

One of my other characters – Arabeth – took centre stage and to me she’s like a force to be reckoned with. She’s so much more complex and fits better with the other characters, surroundings and story.

What can I say about world building without scaring you off haha. This was actually the hardest thing for me to plan. Trying to figure out some of the more technical, aspects like climate, geography and government was completely exhausting and at times a complete nightmare. I was and (still am) worried things aren’t going to make sense or I’ll have a tree where it isn’t supposed to be. I think I got so obsessed with small aspects that I started to lose faith in the story. It was then when I decided it was time to abandon the world building and get on with the story. I can always fix things later if I need to.

I started writing my first draft on the 3rd October. It’s going better than expected. At times I feel like my fingers are running away without me and the story just flows from my brain to the page. Other times I feel like my brain is frozen and I can’t write anything. I guess that’s just what happens when you write a book, it isn’t going to all be sunshine and roses. The first draft is getting it down on paper, getting down the building blocks so later you have a foundation to build your house on.

That brings me to the end of my experiences of writing a book. Let me know if you enjoyed this – I’d love to continue documenting my writing journey ☺️

Are you writing a book, let me know in the comments? Is there anything you can connect with if you have ever written a book?