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20 Post-Apocalyptic Prompts to Inspire You Next Novel

post apocalyptic prompts

I’m back today with more writing prompts! This time I’m giving you some post-apocalyptic prompts. If you would like to check out my other writing prompt posts I will leave the links down below –


1. The electric goes out and everyone’s disappeared.

2. Write a story from the perspective of a zombie.

3. You were born the year the apocalypse happens. Tell your story.

4. You need food so you break into an abandoned supermarket. That’s when you hear the music box start playing and you realise you aren’t alone.

5. You’re the leader of the baddest, most ruthless gang in the wasteland. Write about what happens when someone threatens your leadership.


6. A character uses the apocalypse to forge a new identity and start a new life. Why?

7. The unthinkable happens and now you’re stuck in your dad’s bunker.

8. Multiple volcanoes erupt at the same time, destroying much of the world. You only survive because you were playing up in the mountains with your friends. What happens next?

9. Your family have been ready for months. Except when the bombs finally arrive you’re trapped inside the bunker and your dad is nowhere to be found.

10. You thought you were alone in this new world until you meet up with an escaped convict.


11. A strange howling is heard across the world then everything erupts into chaos.

12. The oceans rise and the world is flooded. How do you survive?

13. You’ve always hated Friday the 13th. That’s why you weren’t surprised when the apocalypse happened on that very day.

14. You’ve spent the last 2 years in your bunker and now it’s time to resurface. Write about what you find.

15. The only reason you survived the apocalypse is because you agreed to go into a special bunker to be experimented on. Now, a group of you have decided to break out. Write about what happens.


16. You are searching for supplies when you find a 10-year-old girl huddled in a supermarket. You decide to take her with you.

17. How you would you celebrate Christmas in the wasteland?

18. You agreed to be cryogenically frozen whilst the apocalypse took place. What everyone thought would happen, turned out to be wrong. Everything is so much worse.

19. A riot breaks out in your bunker and the only way to get away from it is to leave the safety of the underground, but you don’t know what’s out there.

20. A spat of dangerous weather breaks out all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people die. You are left to take care of your 2 small siblings. What happens?

Let me know if you use any of these prompts, I’d love to see what you come up with. 

post apocalyptic prompts

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20 Dystopian Writing Prompts To Inspire Your Next Novel

A writer can never have too much inspiration. The next instalment in my writing prompt series is Dystopian. If you’d like to check out my other posts in this series, I’ll leave the links below;

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3 Word Creative Writing Prompts (For The Horror Writer In You)

Keep writing and stay inspired!

1. A plague hits your walled-in town, but instead of people dying, they just disappear into a poof of smoke.

2. All men are gone from the world, how do women conceive in this new world?

3. Don’t go outside after dark or you won’t even be around to regret it.

4. A siren sounds off every evening and every morning, why?

5. The government is stealing babies and you were one of them 14 years ago.

6. Everyone has to enlist in the army when they turn 16. This year it’s time for you to begin your training.

7. A meteor strike 100 years ago sent the remaining humans underground. Today is the day you emerge..

8. A deadly cat and mouse game takes place in a walled off city.

9. After a nuclear bomb destroyed the world, a new society was created where teens have developed strange powers.

10. Parents have the choice to kill you or send you to be imprisoned. Your parents chose to hide you underground..

11. The government is killing people to save money on the healthcare service.

12. Every human is born with a certain animal tattooed on their skin, why?

13. When they reach the age of 10, every child is sent to the lab to be tested on. When they emerge 6 years later they are not the same as they once were..

14. The world freezes over and humans disappear into bunkers. Write what happens when they emerge.

15. Every child must learn about how their community was formed – except everything that is taught is lies.

16. A competition is held every 5 years to weed out the weak. This year – the rules have changed and the participants are now teenagers.

17. You discover your entire life has been a lie..

18. Global warming destroyed the world as we know it, what is it like 200 years later..

19. The government drove everyone mad and many people died. What community was born after the fallout?

20. An underground community has strict rules. What happens if you break those rules?

Let me know if you use any of these, I’d love to read what you create 🙂

3 Word Creative Writing Prompts (For The Horror Writer In You)

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Hey guys and welcome to Blogtober day 20. Today I’m going to be sharing some more writing prompts. My favourite kind of prompts are the 3 word prompts – I love them because they are vague and you can interpret them however you want.

The prompts I’ve come up with have a place, a person and some kind of event. I hope you enjoy them and they help you with you creativity..

~ Asylum, student, nightmare

~ graveyard, nurse, new year

~ theme park, writer, apocalypse

~ mansion, witch, bonfire night

~ bedroom, banker, tsunami

~ village, teenager, Halloween

~ school, zombie, sports day

~ zoo, psychiatrist, tornado

~ amusements, paramedic, storm

~ canal, vampire, accident

~ Nightclub, child, missing persons

~ Beach, dog walker, explosion

~ cave, climbers, trapped

~ kitchen, devil, world domination

~ concert, bodyguard, kidnap

~ nunnery, artist, bloodbath

~ forest, gang, monster hunting

~ bathroom, child, thunder

~ cellar, family, hurricane

~ prison, guard, riot

~ mountains, werewolf, murder

~ plane, zombies, illness

~ castle, hospital patient, haunting

~ hospital, servant, snow storm

Did you find any of these useful? What’s your favourite kind of writing prompt?

How I Use My Planner As A University Student

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Hey guys and welcome to Blogtober day 10. In today’s post I’m going to be sharing my bullet journal set up I use to keep organised with my university studies. Now this is a new set up I’m working with, in previous modules I’ve made the mistake of not creating a study plan and just winging it. That didn’t exactly work and I ended up getting so stressed and overwhelmed resulting in getting behind and not achieving to the best of my ability. I’ve tried to keep this plan simple as I don’t want to overwhelm my brain with too many pages. Without further ado here they are..

Blue bullet journal with pen

So the bullet journal I’m currently using is the Lemome dotted journal. Originally I use the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook but I didn’t like it – I found the paper was too thin and showed the pens through the page too much. I love this Lemome because you can hardly see the pens through on the other side. I also really love the colours – the blue with the pink sprayed pages go really well together. It also had a holder for your favourite pen and two page bookmarks.

So the first page I have here is a module overview. This year I’m doing two modules so I have one on each page. I have a space for the name of the module and for my tutor. In each month box I’ve added in a overview of what I’m going to be studying each month – for example in October I’m going to be covering human variation and diversity for Human Biology, and core concepts in mental health for Science of the Mind. I’ve also put in any tutorials and assignments I have for that month.

Here is a close up of the page.

The second page I have set up is an assignment tracker. Again, I’ve spilt the table up into the two modules. It’s pretty self explanatory – I’ve got the assignment name along with 4 boxes to keep track of where I’m up to – plan, written, submitted and grade. It will also be a really great overview of where I’m up to and what grades I’ve achieved.

The last page I have set up is a weekly planner. I’ve got the 7 days of a week and spilt that into 2 for each subject. I then took a look at what I needed to study for the week and then decided what I want to get done each day. I’m hopeful this will help me keep on track and also stop me from getting too overwhelmed.

That’s it for my university bullet journal set up. I think I’ll do a review in a couple of months to see how well this set up has worked for me and/or if I’ve changed it up in any way.

How do you stay organised, whether it’s for your study or in your everyday life?

20 Writing Prompts To Inspire You This Halloween

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Hello everyone and welcome to Blogtober day 9. Today I’m here with 20 writing prompts – all inspired by Halloween. I’ve never done one of these before nor have I ever come up with some writing prompts. I really hope you can find some inspiration here and these prompts are helpful to you in your writing journey. Also, thank you to my best friend Sarah who helped me come up with the prompts! Without further rambling here they are!

1. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t scrub the blood from the walls.

2. It wasn’t the wind – it was screaming.

3. There’s a strange knocking sound coming from the attic.

4. October the 31st – The night when all murders are legal.

5. The leaves were crunching beneath my feet then I was falling through a hole.

6. They had to die, because I didn’t want to.

7. The Halloween party I’ll never forget.

8. And that’s how I defeated them.

9. Halloween fright night was supposed to be a laugh – nobody told me it’s all real.

10. It was over in a flash and there was nothing I could do.

11. I knew I shouldn’t have bought that video game.

12. I’d never had to bury a body, before tonight.

13. I told them I wasn’t crazy, but they didn’t believe me.

14. An alternative Halloween.

15. The night that’ll haunt me forever.

16. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

17. I didn’t mean to kill them but I did.

18. Everything I touched exploded.

19. I heard them pronounce me dead.

20. I was the only one of us who made it out alive.

I hope you can find some inspiration with these prompts, let me see what you come up with if you use any! have fun and keep writing!