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2019 Goal Wrap Up and New Goals For 2020

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I love setting goals and looking back on them at the end of the year. Whenever I set goals I keep them small, or if they’re bigger ones I break them down into manageable chunks. The last thing you need is to set goals that overwhelm you and you don’t end up achieving them. In today’s post, I’m going to be looking back at my 2019 goals to see if I achieved them, and also set some new ones for 2020.

2019 Goal Update.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

This didn’t exactly go to plan. I started off well but it went downhill pretty fast. I did give a rating to every book I read so that’s at least something. I will be trying this one again because I really do want to make the effort.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

Again, I didn’t achieve this. Due to personal reasons, I took a very long break from blogging. I’m still planning on going self-hosted, I’m just not sure when.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

I achieved this! I am currently at 52 and I’ll definitely be adding more to that total before the year is out.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

I have been trying so hard to engage with more writers on Twitter and I think I’ve done pretty well overall. I’m a massive introvert and I have anxiety so it’s really hard for me to engage consistently. Sometimes I can’t face even opening my notifications, however, overall, I think I’ve done okay with this one.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

I achieved this! I haven’t started editing yet as I want to let it sit for a while before I go back to it. I made the mistake of not outlining it very well (pantsing doesn’t work well for me), so I need to have a long think about what direction I want the story to go in.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

I’ve actually nearly finished this draft which I’m so proud of. I’m hoping to get it done by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

I’ll admit, I did not write one short story this year, in fact, I didn’t even try. For some reason, short stories intimidate me. I’m so used to writing longer novels so I find them challenging. Hopefully, in the new year, I can get past that and get writing some.

My Ambitious Goals For 2019 (Writing, Books and More)

Nope, didn’t achieve this one either, unless you count the Goodreads challenge which I did achieve.

Overall, there are many goals I didn’t achieve. However, the most important one was to finish the first draft of The Mariah Kingdom (this is actually the first draft I’ve ever completed). And to also have nearly completed Project Enigma too is a huge achievement for me. I spent so long letting my perfectionism and fear of failure stop me from finishing projects, so to have gotten past that in my writing is massive for me.

2020 goals.

bullet journal

  • Read 60 books.
  • Start editing Project Enigma.
  • Begin the first draft of The Brentbrook Girls (YA Mystery Thriller).
  • Put together my first poetry collection.
  • Submit more poems to literacy journals/magazines etc.
  • Blog consistently.
  • Review every book I read.

What are your goals for 2020?

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9 Useful Apps to Increase Productivity As A Writer

1. Scrivener.

Platforms available on: macOS | Windows | iOS.

Price: $45 on macOS and Windows & $19.99 on iOS.

• This is one app I couldn’t do without. I tried out the free trial on my desktop computer and LOVED IT. I then purchased the iOS version as I do most of my writing on my iPad. It’s definitely worth the money and I’ve gotten so much more done than I ever have with other apps/programs. It’s a fantastic way to organise your planning and you can easily view documents side by side. I would recommend this to anyone whose is struggling to manage their time or organise their writing.

2. Evernote.

Platforms available on: iOS | Android | Windows | macOS.

Price: Free (basic) | £44.99 / year (premium).

  • This is where I keep all my notes – whether it be plot bunnies, poetry or ideas for my work in progress. If I have an idea whilst I’m out or at home – I use Evernote to write it down. I love that you can separate your notes into separate notebooks so everything stays nice and organised. You can also add photos, annotations, voice memos etc if you so wish. There is also a premium plan available if that’s something you’d be interested in, but to be honest I don’t think I’d ever need to upgrade to premium as the basic free plan does everything I need it to do.

3. Pages.

Platforms available on: macOS | iOS.

Price: Free.

  • Pages is Apple’s own word processor. I use this for drafting my blog posts and editing. I love to get out my stylus and draw all over my writing – just like you would on a piece of paper. It’s quite similar to Word however I prefer this because it works a lot smoother on my iPad.

4. Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Platforms available on: iOS | Android.

Price: Free (premium version available).

  • I’ve used so many digital dictionaries and never found one that suits my needs. However, I discovered this app not long along. What I love about this app is it includes word games. I’ve tried them out and it’s helping me expand my vocabulary.

5. Day One.

Platforms available on: iOS | macOS | Android.

Price: Free (premium version available).

  • This app is basically a digital journal. One of my writing goals this year is to write more and one thing I decided to start doing was writing down my thoughts of the day. It has a simple layout, and you can add photos to your entries. It also has a little tracker so you can see how many entries you’ve made overall, in a week etc.

6. Simple Mind +

Platforms available on: iOS | Android.

Price: Free (premium version available).

  • This app allows you to create mind maps. I’m too lazy and impatient to create beautiful mind maps on paper so I just use this app. I find it useful if I’m struggling with a certain aspect of my novel or I need a quick flow of ideas. I love this app because it’s so simple and there’s no fancy settings or complicated stuff. There is a full version you can pay for but I’m using the free version which is enough for me.

7. Lists for Writers.

Platforms available on:

Price: iOS | Android.

Price: £1.91.

  • This is exactly what it says on the tin. I love lists and I especially love lists that are all in one place and easy for me to access. It has everything from physical characteristics, names, jobs, setting, genres and lots more. I only wish there was an option to add your own lists and I think I’d love the app even more.

8. Brainsparker.

Platforms available on: iOS.

Price: Free.

  • This is another app for sparking ideas. It has prompts related to goals and journaling. You can also add other packs related to characters, blogging, words, quotes and many more. It also has a handy random feature so you can mix all your packs into one big ‘pot’ and it will choose you a random question/prompt.

9. Prompts.

Platforms available on: iOS.

Price: $0.99

  • This is one I recently discovered. I love to write poetry but sometimes I lack any inspiration and can go weeks without writing any. So I looked on the AppStore for some sort of prompt app to help me get the creativity going and I came across this one. I love it because when you create a new note, it gives you a couple of words to start. I was unsure this would work but I’m amazed with how much it really helps! It also has a handy stat tracker allowing you to see your progress.

What are some of your favourite writing apps?